Congrats! You Are Making a Difference!

April has been quite a whirlwind for environmentalists in Canada and around the worlImage result for yikesd. Between pipeline protests in B.C., plastic bans in the U.K. and Earth Day calls to action across the country, I bet that I’m not the only environmentalist who hardly had a minute to spare – or write blog posts.

I have borrowed this post from the one I wrote for Random Acts of Green. 


We don’t always have time to attend every webinar, rally and workshop that comes our way. Cultivating a green lifestyle happens one choice at a time but when you make bold choices, you let others know what you stand for.

When you can take those personal choices to the workplace the scope of influence increases. The picture below is my office door.

20180430_145058.jpgOne core value of the company I work for is a commitment to the environment. Our office is a bottle-water free zone and powered by Bullfrog power. As often as possible we ride our bikes or walk to work. In addition, we advocate for environmentally sustainable practices and products to our clients.

Recently, we posted this “Stop Kinder Morgan” sign on our door to show our solidarity with the people in B.C. who are fighting to protect our future. It just so happens that a Liberal MP has an office next door. He hasn’t mentioned the sign to us yet.

Your random acts of green not only reduce your personal negative impact on the environment, but you also set the example of living a life according to your values. Your random acts of green illustrate how living healthy, environmentally conscious lives can be fun and deeply rewarding.

So keep being bold and being green!


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