GreeninTO’s Lessons from 2017

This was the first year that I have lived entirely in Toronto since I was seventeen. It has been such an important year for securing my roots in the city that will always be my home no matter where life takes me.

The three biggest lessons I’ve learned this year are:

1. Change starts with you.

Know what your values are and live by them. Changing your behaviour one small manageable chunk at a time will have a profound affect on your well-being.

2. Your people will respond positively.

When you put yourself out there, you give your friends and family the opportunity to support you. The people closest to you will be curious to ask questions and learn from you. Your actions may even inspire others to take on challenges of their own.

3. You catch more flies with organic honey than vinegar.

Don’t be pushy. Instead of telling people what to do, create opportunities for discussion and inquiry. Most of us are miles away from living a net zero emissions lifestyle so finger waving is not helpful.

GreeninTO’s mission is to highlight the attractive elements of living a simpler lifestyle, having less stuff and consciously working to lower our negative impacts on the environment.

I am excited to continue learning about and cultivating an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. I have enjoyed the slow and steady growth of GreeninTO and I am eager to see what the new year has in store.

Thanks to all those who have listened to my crazy monologues, attended events all around the city with me, given me feedback and a special thanks to all those who enjoy reading GreeninTO!


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