Let’s Talk About What We DON’T Eat

If you haven’t already, I recommend you go out and watch Wasted! The Story of Food Waste. This is a documentary that will entertain, shock and inform you – even if you’re not an environmentalist. Many Canadians take food for granted, but it’s not really our fault. We have become disconnected from our food. We don’t really understand how it’s produced, how it’s prepared nor do we understand where it goes when we don’t eat it.

One Third.jpgHow do we become more connected?

It’s starts but shifting our mindset from consumption to conservation. We want to be able to have any and every option for any and everything. But what if we tried to buy food that was in season? What if we tried to buy the whole chicken and use the the whole chicken? What if we tried to use the whole vegetable – like the stem?

If we take the time to slow down, prepare good food and eat that food slowly with intention, we might all be healthier. If we all treat food with respect for the people who grow it, transport it, package it, prepare it, eat it, can’t afford to eat, our planet my be healthier.

So take the time to inform yourself about that stuff you eat every day (as always, David Suzuki has some facts and tips to get you started) and take the time to enjoy it, slowly and with intention.

Let’s get #wasteless.


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