Eco-Trailblazers: Advice from the Founder of Random Acts of Green

Jessica Correa, Random Acts of Green

Jessica is the enthusiastic entrepreneur behind the social entreprise, Random Acts of Green. She has a Masters in Sustainable Studies with a focus on Behavioural Change and she is brimming with incites on leveraging community based marketing to create social change.

After attending her Green Marketing 101 workshop in collaboration with another social enterprise, Green Story, I sat down with Jessica to find out how she put her idea into action.

RAOG’s Mission:

To educate, entertain, engage, and empower the public to participate in more sustainable behaviour, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and combat climate change.

Jessica developed the idea for a platform which would inspire green behaviours from her Master’s degree research. She wanted to understand how things like the ALS bucket challenge go viral and why so many environmental campaigns never get traction. She was tired of the stigma around environmentalism: she doesn’t believe we all need to become “tree-huggers” and “hippies” in order reduce our individual impacts. Inspired by the blog Humans of New York, Jessica took her idea and launched into action by trying her hand at blogging.

What started as a side project got the attention of her local community and grew into a thriving social enterprise!

When I asked for two pieces of advice that she would give someone who wants to start greening their behaviour, she prescribed:

  1. Think of it like weight-loss
    • Much to most people’s chagrin, nobody gets fit over night
    • Consider which activities will fit into your life now
    • Pick one green behaviour that seems doable
    • Build on that behaviour
  2. Share your progress with friends
    • Let your friends know what is working for you
    • Share on social media

For fellow entrepreneurs, she had this to say:

“Get read for chaos.”

Jessica never planned to become an entrepreneur and while navigating the murky waters of running her own business she has had many unexpected challenges and opportunities. She admits it’s a hard at times and it requires a huge investment of time and money.

As she ran out the door to the next gig, I was reminded of my brief stint as an entrepreneur: in dept, working long hours for free, trying to figure out how we would monetize our growing brand recognition but still full of energy and ready to inspire.

For those of you who would like to take the first step (or the second, third, fourth …) into changing your behaviour to reduce your impact on the environment, you will find an extensive list on RAOG’s website.

If you have kids, they might enjoy participating in the Hallowgreen Campaign: a fun Halloween calendar with different acts of green to accomplish on each day of the month.

If you do try out a new green behaviour, let me know which one and why you chose it in the comments section below!




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