Announcing a New Series on GreeninTO

This week I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what makes a person act. It’s a simple question with myriad answers some of which are profoundly encouraging while others are exceptionally nihilistic.

It’s easy to fall into the nihilism trap when you turn on the news and see images of fires engulfing regions to the East and West, while water pours into cities and countries to the South.

It’s easy to think we’re screwed.

An ironic twist of fate for the “information age” is that it has become much easier for people to be naive in this day and age. With an information overload, #fakenews and the downturn in professional journalism, people can easily seek and find the kind of news that propagates their own beliefs. If one is skeptical about climate science then one can find multiple sources of proof that it’s all a heaping pile of baloney. If one believes that man-made climate change is the biggest problem facing our political and economic spheres today then one will find plenty of evidence of this, everywhere (like, right here).

What I find happening most often is that at any given time and in any given situation we’re all prone to being a tiny bit cynical or tiny bit inspirational. But given this pendulum of uncertainty that we all experience, what makes someone get up and do something unique and amazing?


I read a few books from The Do Lecturesย when I was starting this blog. I needed encouragement and help on answering this question of why people do things. In a way, I found the simplest answer was that people are driven to action for many reasons. Groundbreaking conclusion, eh?! There’s more …

I’ve decided to start a special series on GreeninTO which focuses on profiling and interviewing trailblazers of the environmental movement to find out what triggered them to act and what they have learned along the way.

Stay tuned folks, this is exciting stuff!

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