Recycling in the Six

Warning: Straws do NOT belong in the Blue Bin

The City of Toronto has launched a series of ads to help inform residents about the importance of putting the right things in our bins.

Some of the top five culprits may surprise you! For example, did you know that black plastic (like your take-out containers and coffee lids) are NOT recyclable?

In addition to the ads and cute illustrations on their website, the City of Toronto is a launching a pilot project over the next six months in hopes of educating people about the kind of plastics that cannot be processed by our city’s recycling technology.

“The project is part of a broad attempt by the city to reverse a multi-year trend thatโ€™s seeing more and more of the blue box recyclable material being contaminated by items that the city lacks the capacity to recycle.” – David Nickle from The York Guardian

Staff will be going out ahead of the recycling trucks and rummaging through the contents of residents’ Blue Bins. If they find contaminants they will leave a friendly, educational door hanger.

So, if you’re wondering which plastics you can recycle, then CLICK HERE for a full list.

The Top Five Culprits:

  1. Organic Waste
  2. Containers with Food
  3. Textiles
  4. VHS Tapes
  5. Coffee Cups***

***Do not put compostable coffee cups in the Blue Bin … put them in the Green Bin!

To find out more about these culprits and see our city’s budget for cute animations, CLICK HERE



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