Carbon Offsets

Last weekend, I participated in an Environment Fair at a local church (St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church on Bayview Ave). We set up three computers with access to a Carbon Footprint Calculator website . This calculator is simple with appealing aesthetics that helped give participants a glimpse of there carbon footprint and how much it would cost to offset their emissions with clean energy or carbon dioxide reducing projects.

The most common question was: ‘Where do I buy carbon offsets?’

David Suzuki has a 75 page guide on purchasing carbon offsets which I recommend skimming! But in case you don’t have time to read the whole manual, I put together a quick-guide one page PDF: Carbon Offsets One-Pager

Getting Started:

Decide: How much of my carbon footprint do I want to offset this year? (For example, maybe you want to offset your flights for your annual vacation)

Calculate: Use any number of calculators available online or the one above to calculate your approximate carbon footprint for the activity that you intend to offset.

Google: Carbon Offsets Gold Standard and pick an offset vendor that matches your values or interests.

Relax: You have made your environmental impact a little smaller this year! Hurray!

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